Command Line Usage

Usage: xnsdoc [options] [schema-locations]\n\
        (to document one or more schema files)\n\
where options include:\n\
    -o -out <folder>      set the output folder\n\
    -t -doctitle <title>  set the documentation title\n\
    -h -header <header>   set the documentation header\n\
    -b -bottom <bottom>   set the documentation bottom\n\
    -na -noasciiart       if ascii art should be ignored in documentation
    -dt -datatypes        include XML-Schema datatypes in documentation\n\
    -na -noasciiart       ignore ascii art in documentation\n\
    -css <css-file>       provide external CSS file\n\
    -c -catalogs <uris>   list of URIs to XML catalog files\n\
    -cf                   create output folder if not exists\n\
    -launch               launch documentation after creation\n\
    -ph -proxyHost        host name of proxy\n\
    -pp -proxyPort        port number of proxy\n\
    -license <folder>     location of the license file\n\
    -xsltc                activates compiled stylesheets (default)\n\
    -xalan                activates interpreted stylesheets\n\
    -version              only output version of xnsdoc\n\
    -v -verbose           verbose processing\n\
    -q -quiet             quiet processing\n\
    -d -debug             output debug messages\n\
    -? -help              print this help message

(*) comma-separated list of URIs to OASIS XML catalogs v1.1 files for resolving schema references.

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